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903, 2021

Liran Tal — Cloud native application security, what’s a developer to do?

Liran Tal is an application security activist and long-time proponent of open-source software. He is a member of the Node.js security working group, an OWASP project lead, author of Essential Node.js Security, and O’Reilly’s Serverless Security. He is leading the developer advocacy team at Snyk in a mission to empower developers with better dev-first security. Liran joins us to talk about cloud-native and application security. We begin by defining cloud-native and the changes it is causing. We then get into threats in a cloud-native world and the role of developers and AppSec. We hope you enjoy this conversation with…. Liran Tal.

1702, 2021

Chris Romeo — DevSecOps Fails

For this episode, Robert and I decided to talk about an article I wrote called “DevOps security culture: 12 fails your team can learn from“. We hope you enjoy this walkthrough of the 12 fails. If we missed any, hit us up on Twitter and let us know what we should add to the list.

1002, 2021

Jim Routh — Secure software pipelines

Jim Routh has built software security programs at some of the biggest brands in the world. He has served as CISO or CSO six different times in his career, always staying close to his cyber and software security roots. Jim has hung up his CISO badge and now focuses on serving on boards and advising security-focused startups. Jim’s original AppSec podcast episode is our #1 listened to of all time. Having the opportunity to interact with Jim and absorb his vast wisdom and knowledge is a treat for everyone. At the end of this interview, my immediate thought was to go back and listen to this one again. Jim talks with us about the impact of DevSecOps on the CISO, security controls for a devsecops pipeline model, and “shift left” still the dominant theme for software security. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Jim Routh.

2001, 2021

Andrew van der Stock — Taking Application Security to the Masses

Andrew van der Stock has been around the world of Application Security for quite a long time. In 2020, he took over as the Executive Director of OWASP, and he’s working from within the organization to further the mission of taking application security to the masses. We discuss Andrew’s OWASP origin story and he defines OWASP and the OWASP core mission. We talk membership, the future, and drop some details about the upcoming 20th anniversary of OWASP. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Andrew van der Stock.

1201, 2021

JC Herz and Steve Springett — SBOMs and software supply chain assurance

JC Herz is the COO of Ion Channel, a software logistics and supply chain assurance platform for critical infrastructure. She is a visiting fellow at George Mason’s National Security Institute and co-chairs a Department of Commerce working group on software bills of materials for security-sensitive public and private sector enterprises. JC and Steve Springett join to talk all things software bill of materials. We define what an SBOM is and what it’s used for. We talk threats that SBOM counters, who started it, and what the OWASP tie in. JC concludes our time by explaining why now is the time YOU must care about SBOMS. We hope you enjoy this conversation with…. JC Herz and Steve Springett.

601, 2021

Brian Reed — Mobile Appsec: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly as We Head into 2021

Brian Reed is Chief Mobility Officer at NowSecure. Brian has over 30 years in tech and 15 years in mobile, security, and apps dating back to the birth of mobile including BlackBerry, Good Technology, BoxTone, and MicroFocus. Brian joins us to discuss mobile application security, the good, the bad, and the ugly as we head into 2021. We discuss recent issues in mobile apps, mobile firewalls, mobile vs. web, and how AppSec is different in a mobile world. We hope you enjoy this conversation with…Brian Reed.

2411, 2020

The Threat Modeling Manifesto – Part 2

This is part two of the story of a diverse group of security and privacy people that love threat modeling and gathered to define threat modeling, encourage people to threat model, help them succeed, and change the world. This is our story of the Threat Modeling Manifesto. In this episode, we move on from definition to working through the values and principles that make up threat modeling, and then we ship the product.

The working group of the Threat Modeling Manifesto consists of individuals with years of experience in threat modeling for security or privacy.

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1711, 2020

The Threat Modeling Manifesto – Part 1

This is part one of the story of a diverse group of security and privacy people that love threat modeling and gathered to define threat modeling, encourage people to threat model, help them succeed, and change the world. This is our story of the Threat Modeling Manifesto.

Our intention is to share a distilled version of our collective threat modeling knowledge in a way that should inform, educate, and inspire other practitioners to adopt threat modeling as well as improve security and privacy during development.

We developed this Manifesto after years of experience thinking about, performing, teaching, and developing the practice of, Threat Modeling. We have diverse backgrounds as industry professionals, academics, authors, hands-on experts, and presenters. We bring together varied perspectives on threat modeling. Our ongoing conversations, which focus on the conditions and approaches that lead to the best results in threat modeling, as well as how to correct when we fail, continue to shape our ideas.

The working group of the Threat Modeling Manifesto consists of individuals with years of experience in threat modeling for security or privacy.

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2610, 2020

Season 7 Guests — The best of Season 7

This is our final episode of Season 7, and we thought we’d share some of our favorite clips with you. We’ve covered lots of ground, from featuring many OWASP projects to DevSecOps, penetration testing, AWS security, SameSite cookies, crypto, and that just scratches the surface. We hope you enjoy this wrap-up episode with…. A whole bunch of Season 7 guests.

1310, 2020

Aviat Jean-Baptiste — The AppSec report

Jb Aviat is CTO and co-founder at Sqreen. Prior to this, Jb worked at Apple as a reverse engineer, pentester, and developer. Jb joins us to discuss the new Application Security Report that Sqreen has released. We review what the report contains, key takeaways and conclusions, and even consider which framework/language is the most secure. We hope you enjoy this conversation with…. Jb Aviat.

610, 2020

Frank Rietta — The convergence of Ruby on Rails and #AppSec

Frank Rietta is the CEO of, a Security Focused Web Application Firm. He is a web application security architect, expert witness, author, and speaker. Frank joins us to discuss secure coding with Ruby on Rails. We get into a discussion about RoR vs. other languages, primary threats, counters to threats, and tools available for the RoR developer to assist with security. We hope you enjoy this conversation with… Frank Rietta.

3009, 2020

Dmitry Sotnikov – REST API Security – there is no silver bullet

Dmitry Sotnikov serves as Chief Product Officer at 42Crunch – an enterprise API security company. He maintains, a popular community site with daily API Security news and weekly newsletter API vulnerabilities, breaches, standards, best practices, regulations, and tools. Dmitry joins us to discuss REST API Security. We talk about the top API security threats, counters to those threats, and the details on APISecurity.IO. We hope you enjoy this conversation with … Dmitry Sotnikov.

2209, 2020

Caroline Wong — The state of Penetration Testing

Caroline Wong is the Chief Strategy Officer at Wong’s close and practical information security knowledge stems from broad experience as a Cigital consultant, a Symantec Product Manager, and day-to-day leadership roles at eBay and Zynga. Caroline joins us to talk about penetration testing and reviews key findings from the “State of Pentesting” report. We hope you enjoy Caroline Wong’s second visit to the Application Security Podcast.

Caroline’s first appearance on the show is found here.

1509, 2020

Aaron Davis — LavaMoat — solving JavaScript software supply chain

Aaron Davis is a founder, dev, and a lead security researcher at MetaMask, a popular Ethereum wallet. He introduces us to LavaMoat, an approach to solving javascript software supply chain security for node and the browser. The LavaMoat runtime prevents modifying JavaScript’s primordials, limits access to the platform API, and prevents packages from corrupting other packages. We hope you enjoy this conversation with… Aaron Davis.

1009, 2020

Anastasiia Voitova — Use Cryptography; Don’t Learn It

Anastasiia Voitova is a software engineer who works on data security solutions at @cossacklabs, making complex crypto easy-to-use in modern software. She joins us to explore the idea of boring crypto. She caught our attention with a talk at OWASP 24 where she encouraged developers to NOT learn crypto. You’ll have to listen to understand her rationale. She explains mistakes folks make with crypto, boring crypto, and how to get started implementing boring crypto. We hope you enjoy this conversation with…Anastasiia Voitova.

309, 2020

Michael Furman — SameSite Cookies

Michael Furman is the Lead Security Architect at Tufin, and is responsible for the security and Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) of Tufin software products. Michael is passionate about application security for over 13 years already and evangelizes about application security at various conferences (including OWASP conferences) and security meetups. Michael joins us to break down SameSite cookies, which are all the rage in browsers these days. He describes what they are, the threats they counter, and how SameSite + the Synchronizer Token Pattern work together to counter CSRF. We hope you enjoy this conversation with…. Michael Furman.

2708, 2020

Chris Romeo — The State of Security and the Importance of Empathy

Application security applies to everyone, network architects included. Chris had an opportunity to join a friend’s Podcast called “The Hedge.” Chris talks with hosts Tom and Russ about the state of security and what network engineers need to know about security from an application perspective. They talk about the importance of empathy in all jobs, walking a mile in the shoes of those that work around you.

You’ll find this episode on the Hedge site at

408, 2020

Neil Matatall — Content Security Policy

Neil Matatall is a product security engineer at GitHub. He focuses on designing and engineering user experiences solutions related to authentication and account recovery. Working remotely from Hawaii, Neil is a strong believer in the future of remote work. Neil joins us for a deep-dive into Content Security Policy. We explore what it is, the purpose, and why it’s so difficult to implement.
We hope you enjoy this conversation with… Neil Matatall.
2807, 2020

Grant Ongers — Gamification of threat modeling

Grant Ongers is co-founder of the bearded trio called Secure Delivery, with a philosophy and purpose for optimal delivery and security in one dynamic package.
Grant’s experience spans Dev, Ops, and Security, with over 30 years pushing the limits of (Info)Sec. Grant’s community involvement is global: Staff at BSides (London, Las Vegas, and Cape Town), Goon at DEF CON (USA) for nearly ten years and DC2721 co-founder, staff at BlackHat (USA and EU), and an OWASP Global Board member.
Grant joins us to talk about gamification and threat modeling, and introduces me to the OWASP Cornucopia card game, which you can use to teach developers and product team members threat modeling, in a fun and engaging way.
We hope you enjoy this conversation with…. Grant Ongers. @rewtd
2107, 2020

Elie Saad — OWASP WSTG, Cheat Sheets, and Integration

Elie Saad is an application security engineer, leading three different OWASP projects. He focuses on helping developers own and champion security in their projects by providing guidance, tests, secure pipeline design and aiding them in applying external security measures.
In this conversation, Elie educates us about the current happenings with WSTG, Cheat Sheets, and the Integration Standard. He walks us through demo’s of each project.
We hope you enjoy this conversation with Elie Saad. @7hunderson
1307, 2020

Graham Holmes — Adversarial Machine Learning

Graham Holmes is the founder and owner of AoP CyberSecurity, LLC whose mission is to enable organizations to “create scalable and effective strategies for trustworthy outcomes.” His career includes over 22 years as a leader at Cisco Systems, where he infamously served as my boss for a period of time, and before that he served in the US Navy as a commissioned officer for 9 years. Graham joins us to discuss adversarial machine learning. We explore the threats and attacks in an AI/ML world, and review solutions to address these challenges using trust as a foundation. Please enjoy this conversation with Graham Holmes.

Its Life 3.0
707, 2020

Ochaun Marshall — Securing Web applications in AWS

Ochaun Marshall is a developer and security consultant. In his roles at Secure Ideas, he works on ongoing development projects utilizing Amazon Web Services and breaks other people’s web applications. Ochaun joins us to talk about the changing tide of serverless and frustrations with AWS security. Before we got to the actual topic, we talked about how he currently works as a developer some times, and a pen tester/security person the rest of the time, and the conflict that arises from this split role. Please enjoy this conversation with…Ochaun Marshall.
3006, 2020

Drew Dennison – Security should make the computer sweat more

Drew Dennison is the CTO & co-founder of r2c, a startup working to profoundly improve software security and reliability to safeguard human progress. Drew joins us to introduce a tool called semgrep. Semgrep is a fast source code analysis tool, potentially faster than anything you’ve seen before.
If you want to see the live demo of semgrep, head over to the Application Security Podcast Youtube channel to see the video.
We hope you enjoy this conversation with… Drew Dennison.
Twitter: DrewDennison
2306, 2020

Aaron Guzman — IoTGoat

Aaron Guzman specializes in IoT, embedded, and automotive security. Aaron is the Co-Author of “IoT Penetration Testing Cookbook”. He helps lead both OWASP’s Embedded Application Security and Internet of Things projects; providing practical guidance for addressing top security vulnerabilities to the embedded and IoT community. Aaron joins us to explore IoTGoat. IoTGoat is a deliberately insecure firmware created to educate software developers and security professionals with testing commonly found vulnerabilities in IoT devices. He describes what it is, where it comes from, and does a demo for us on how to put it to use.

For season 7 and beyond, we’ve launched our Youtube channel, Application Security Podcast, where we post the video feeds for all episodes. You’ll want to check it out, as many interviews now have demo’s included, where we capture screen during the interview. We hope you enjoy this conversation with…Aaron Guzman

1606, 2020

Adam Shostack — The Jenga View of Threat Modeling

Adam Shostack is a leading expert on threat modeling, and consultant, entrepreneur, technologist, author, and game designer. He has taught threat modeling at a wide range of commercial, non-profit, and government organizations. Adam joins us to discuss his new white paper called the Jenga View of Threat Modeling.
For season 7 and beyond, we’ve launched our YouTube channel, Application Security Podcast, where we post the video feeds for all episodes. You’ll want to check it out, as many interviews now have demo’s included, where we capture a screen during the interview.
You can grab a copy of the whitepaper on Adam’s site,

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